Wayne Flemming

Wayne Flemming

Often known as the Canadian "Father of Standup Comedy', Wayne Flemming is still on his feet...and is still making crowds laugh.

He may not have invented the concept of standup comedy but he's certainly perfected it as an art form! After 35 years of entertaining crowds, both at home and abroad, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that he knows all there is to know about pleasing an audience. He is polished, professional, warm... and very very funny.

Sometimes referred to as "The Man of a Thousand Faces", his ability as an impressionist has also made him one of the most requested voice actors in Canada and around the world.

Wayne's stage act is a cavalcade of hilarious character representations and off-the-wall anecdotes...all delivered by a consummate professional whose comedy appeals to a wide range of audiences. His witticism and playful delivery have earned him comparisons to Bob Newhart and Red Skelton.

He has countless TV appearances to his credit, including FOX TV's "In Living Color", CBC's "COMICS!", "Thick and Thin", "Family Passions" and "Married Life", CTV's "Emergency Room" and CityTV's "Yo Canada".

Wayne has also been featured in such films as "Switching Channels" with Kathleen Turner and Burt Reynolds, "Cocktail" with Tom Cruise, "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe, "Fever Pitch" with Drew Barrymore, "Fun with Dick and Jane" with Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni, "Meatballs 3", "Goofballs", "Rebel High"....and many more.

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Wayne is also available for your entertainment venues and for private or corporate events.

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The following clips are for your viewing pleasure, but nothing can replace the real thing.

Wayne doing some impressions on 'Comics'

Mojo Interview

Wayne presenting the Canada Walk of Fame Award to his good friend Jim Carrey

Share some laughter with Wayne for your event...and have some real fun...;)

Wayne Flemming

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